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I have always been reluctant to step up for myself in any conflict. The reason would be basic fear. Fear of being yelled at or of being blackmailed, fear of having to cut ties with a person, or simply hurting them with what all normal people see as defending one’s dignity.

I was so anxious about accidentally hurting someone else’s feelings that I took other people knowing no limits and wounding me as a habit.

If you are or were like me, you have to agree: this mindset is overwhelmingly hard to change. The trick that your mind has been…


One year into the coronavirus pandemic, we can all wholeheartedly agree: there is no country, industry, or person that has not felt its effect. Most people now focus on new restrictions, vaccine development, and thoughts on making ends meet, as many have lost their jobs and stable income to the insatiable and destructive appetite of COVID-19. However, there is one critical issue that we most likely have ignored, and that is — how much of a crisis exists regarding children’s access to education in the Global South.

Children’s access to education worldwide was in crisis long before the pandemic came…

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but for the first time in my life I’ve encountered a toxic manager.

I could start this story by pointing out the qualities you should strive to acquire to become the second Nelson Mandela, but instead I decided to make a short anti-leadership list and make you reflect: have you ever experienced something even slightly resembling in your personal life or career?

So here are my top-5 approaches to implement if you want to become a toxic and ineffective leader:

1) Lead and manage your team in an authoritarian style. You are the boss…

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We are used to hearing about other people’s success.

Whether it’s the Instagram pages screaming “success” from someone’s stories and posts of seemingly balanced life, well-paid job, quickly escalated career, and fairytale-like relationship, or another of your acquaintances tapping you on the shoulder and saying “well, you do still have time to figure it out” — the feeling you get is the same.

It’s a sore mixture of resentment with a pinch of fear and the cold goosebumps of envy. “How do they get it all sorted while I’m here on the rollercoaster of bright achievements and epic downturns?”


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After graduating from a university we are thrown into the adult world full of potential, energy, and motivation slightly overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities out there. When it comes to choosing the career path, it is easy enough to get lost — so many job opportunities in practically every sphere you could imagine. Although it is not necessary to make your first job a life choice, the important thing is to choose a workplace that will help you grow your core competencies and essential skills so that chasing your further career aspirations would be much smoother.

Should it be…


Contemporary art is gaining its new forms as new visual artists enter the stage. We are no longer admiring the complexity of colors on the paintings, beautifully and so realistically painted faces that seem common to the traditional art. We are rather entangled to the emotional side of the modern art pieces, experiencing bewilderment, gripping moments of excitement and even shock. Chiharu Shiota, a Japanese Germany-based artist is by far the best of all at dropping a bombshell of astonishment on you right at the gallery.

Chiharu is an unusual artist. Her installations remind of a giant neural network filling…

Planned Parenthood — for many Americans these two words are synonyms for reliability, affordability, and safety. Indeed, the organization is the U.S. leading provider of high quality, affordable health care and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. …

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At times I realize how blessed I am to have certain people in my life. The past year I was focused on getting my career onto a more or less stable path; eventually I dropped that idea because of an abundance of other opportunities and a deep, subconscious desire to come back to the creative roots of myself that I was long trying to bury down. I was thinking long-term, always scheduling, planning things ahead, yet I failed to remember to actually live the life and how they always say, feel the moment.

Being in the moment is an art…

Art has been performing historically well across all market sectors in times of high and rising inflation, and rebounded very quickly after the last recession. The global art market has long been dominated by the United States, UK and China, with U.S. taking 43% of the market two years ago. In 2014, Arthena, a new digital art investment startup has entered the marketplace, rising the question — is art investment becoming a new trend? Let us find out.

Arthena, an online investment platform established by Madelaine D’Angelo, helps to introduce the next generation of great art collectors to the art…

I wish people would finally start accepting that everybody is different, and it’s fine like that.

I wish they would start to realize that the person in front of them has a different, well, everything — from cultural background and family roots to daily decisions they make and the type of cereal they like for breakfast.

And there’s no place for judgement and thoughts “ew, that’s weird”.

I wish people started to truly put their families first. Your mom, dad, grannies and uncles are the only ones to stand for you no matter what.

I wish people would put down…

It’s me, Ana

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